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Celebrities and the Sexual Horniness

September 30, 2020 • Cheri T. Sweatt

When singer Robbie Williams acknowledged in June 2011 that he was taking testosterone because his doctor had told him he had “the hormone levels of a hundred-year-old man,” his revelation caused little impact, beyond the disappointment of some fans. However, when a couple of months later another show business figure confessed to taking testosterone to increase sexual desire, the shock was huge. Who spoke of this need to feel orgasm was not a male in low hours, but a woman of seventy-three years. Specifically,  Jane Fonda.

The question is if the lack of desire is really a problem is it not a social pressure?

During the promotion of her book Prime time – in which the actress did not cut herself when talking about her sexual needs, Jane Fonda explained that this hormonal treatment made “a huge difference to be able to maintain sexual activity when libido has dropped.” At that time, testosterone in women was a very controversial topic it still is today and reserved for extraordinary medical cases. Jane Fonda’s confession had an enormous impact: a mass mobilizer, it put many women on the track that there might be a solution to their lack of desire. Alongside the 3D hentai games and porn videos are stimulating as well.

Female sexual desire

Jane Fonda’s is an exceptional case. Not because she used testosterone, but because she counted it. It is an open secret that in California there are many clinics aimed at delaying aging in which it is common to treat Hollywood stars with this supplement, but none confesses it.

The secundary effects

The mere word ‘testosterone’ associated with women already makes us think of muscular and virile females. In fact, Jane Fonda herself claimed that she stopped testosterone because it caused acne. But the most feared effects are not a few pimples, but virilization (hoarse voice, hirsutism), unappetizing when you want to find fire in the bedroom.

Testosterone is applied as a gel on the inner thigh or with a subcutaneous implant

He is in favor of testosterone supplementation “in those cases in which, after talking with the patient about how she feels and how she wants to feel, we see that there will be a benefit. It is applied as a gel, usually on the inner thigh area; Another option is to implant a subcutaneous testosterone pellet with a personalized dose for each woman. In most cases, the improvement is noticeable. Why, then, is so little said about the subject?

And this despite the fact that, at the moment, testosterone for women is one of the fields in which the most is being investigated. It is not weird. After the Viagra hit, the pharmaceutical industry actively sought an equivalent for women. “One of the problems is that it is often thought that female sexuality is a mere reflection of the male,” explains Francisca Molero, president of the Spanish Federation of Sexology Societies. In men, low testosterone levels are clearly linked to lack of desire, but in women this direct association between lack of desire and hormonal deficit has not been demonstrated.

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