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Greater Deal for Thrill in Virtual Sex

July 23, 2020 • Cheri T. Sweatt

Why do you need virtual sex if you have partners in real life? Is such an intimate relationship a betrayal? These questions often arise in forums. What is virt, is it good or bad when this concept is used, and what variety does this intimacy give? Is he a departure from reality?

What is a virtual?

What does “virt” mean? This is an abbreviation for the concept of “virtual,” online communication. We are not talking about correspondence by e-mail or social networks, discussing business or work topics, this term is used to describe conversations of a sexual plan or sex on the Internet using correspondence. There are even special virtual chats where you can anonymously find a partner. Those who have tried this kind of sex note that this is a great way to disconnect from real problems. A visit to makes things perfect now.

Virtual Sex – Psychology

Regarding virtual sex, the opinions of psychologists are divided, but most consider it by no means harmless entertainment. To date, there are 3 positions regarding the fact that sex in virtual reality is a form:

  • Infidelities in the modern interpretation.
  • An addiction that can go into a nervous breakdown .
  • Self-gratification is akin to masturbation.

Many people confuse virtual sex with viewing pornography, but the latter is more related to sexual fantasies. Wirth is one of the characteristics of sexuality, until a person is too carried away with this, forgetting about a real relationship. Some men try in this way to avoid betrayal to a regular partner in real life. There is no consensus on the norm, but all psychologists agree that virtual sex more than once a week is an alarming sign of mental health problems.

Virtual sex – is it cheating?

Experts classify 5 behaviors when a person prefers virtual sex to real action:

  • Episodic attempts.
  • Mutual virt is practiced for pleasure, without excitement, while real intimate relationships remain .
  • Intimacy online becomes an addiction.
  • Pathology, up to a break in relationships with loved ones.
  • Search for salvation from reality.
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