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Sexual Deals and Your Options Now

September 28, 2020 • Cheri T. Sweatt

Sometimes neither of you want sex. It can happen that two partners are very happy with a less active sex life. On the other hand, marks of affection remain important. The main thing is to be in phase: an individual suffers as much from having to deprive himself of sex as from having to force himself.

As long as there is love, there is hope

For Ghislaine Paris, love is only a covering of sexual desire. In other words, nothing is lost when a couple loves each other. But you still have to know what it means to be in love. Certain tender gestures fall under the register of sexuality, as long as you do not kiss your spouse as you would hug our friend ChloƩ (do the test). No, the real danger is when two individuals no longer share anything and lead two parallel lives. As the options like Scarlett Johansson deepfake comes fast, the sexual acts also become perfect.

Reconnect with desire

Sex, more than a hobby. If there is one message to be remembered, this is it. Even though sexual liberation has gone through this, we are still a bit ‘stuck’. This is evidenced by the fact that we consider sex to be a simple hobby to which we devote little time and attention. With the increase in hours worked and the enormous amount of time we devote to communication and information, there is little room left for sex. However, Dr Paris repeats it: sex is constitutive of our identity, it is a vital energy. After all, does he not preside over the process of life? We must therefore pamper our sexuality. Even if it doesn’t seem sexy: desire can be worked on!

(This is a message for mothers)

“I feel more a mother than a woman”

This is a phrase that we often hear among young mothers and which ruffles the hair of the sexologist, who considers that the mother figure is still overvalued. Of course, motherhood is important, but it is possible to give a place to all parts of our life! Even if it’s not easy, we can do it and it’s the best way to stay fulfilled, stable in our relationship, and good in our skin. Sex is not instinctive, it is the fruit of our socio-cultural representations, this is therefore good news, because we can act.

Summon the fantasy, but wisely

Satisfy our fantasies? Out of the question. If the bans exist, it is to avoid the explosion of society. Imagine if we did everything we wanted. It would be a mess. The other is not there to satisfy our own fantasies. On the other hand, fantasies make us endure these restrictions. We must therefore play them intelligently by connecting us to our erotic imagination. To sum up, let’s keep these three magic words in mind: seduction, sensuality, imagination.

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